Agile Portugal Conference, with DevScope’s support

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It’s almost starting AGILE Conference here in Porto and we will have here Dave Thomas, Joseph Yoder, Jutta Eckstein, Lachlan Heasman, Nicolai Josuttis, Peter Sommerlad and many other.

 “Agile methods strive to deliver business value early in the project lifetime and to adapt to changing requirements. They leverage the use of “high-bandwidth” and informal communication, supporting the human side of software development while delivering running, tested systems.

Agile Portugal 2010 will be an international conference about Agile software development and its practices, technologies, attitudes and experiences. Created by practitioners, for practitioners, it is suited for both experts and beginners in Agile methods. Rather than focusing on a single methodology, it will be a forum for all Agile development approaches.”

We hope to meet many other SCRUM practitioners during these days and wish all speakers and attendees an extraordinary stay here in Porto.

Meanwhile we want to congratulate our colleague Bernardo Antunes for getting this week his Certified ScrumMaster with Mitch Lacey

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