DevScope grows 12% in 2011

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DevScope grows 12% in 2011

In fiscal year 2011, although the final figures are not yet fully completed, the business has been around 1.45 million euros, which, according to the general manager, Rui Paupério, represented an increase of 12% over the results of 2010.

Last year, DevScope’s own products represented 20% of the total growth of the company, CRM represented10%, Portals/SharePoint represented 40% and the remaining 30% matched the business generated within Business Intelligence.

Part of the good performance achieved during this year reflects our bet initiated in 2009 regarding the development and operation of new products, and all the complementary services associated with them. The market had huge challenges in terms of cost reductions, and we were able to attract customers through inovative solutions, supported by economies of scale of Cloud Computing, and Software as a Service models.

Full article available here DevScope grows 12% in 2011 (Portuguese).

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