An OpenML hackathon took place in Porto, and we were there

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Earlier this month, DevScope was one of several sponsors of a weeklong series of hands-on workshops titled “Introduction to Machine Learning: Sunset Workshops” which took place at the Porto Business School.
Introduction to Machine Learning at Porto Business School

All sessions happened after working hours and featured some renowned Machine Learning specialists from all over Europe.

Among the many projects the OpenML community took on during the hackathon, DevScope’s main contribution was towards the creation of a Docker version of OpenML so even more people can easily take part in the project. We also started a brainstorm session regarding the use of OpenML in the Machine Learning workplace context.

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About the OpenML program

The Open Machine Learning project is an inclusive program looking to build an open, organized, online ecosystem for Machine Learning.

The OpenML community has over 4.700 members spread around the globe and is always looking for new members. If you’re interested in Machine Learning and wish to contribute to arguably one of the most fascinating areas of computer science, join the OpenML movement.

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