PowerBI Robots version 1.4.0 is here and comes packed with new features!

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After a couple of months of receiving feedback from our users, we are glad to announce that the DevScope team has just launched version 1.4.0 of PowerBI Robots. Follow this link to download it today.

If you encountered some of these bugs while running PowerBI Robots, we’re happy to announce they are now addressed:

  • Fixed the timeout issue;
  • Solved the date format issue –output no longer differs from the date format on Power BI;
  • Fixed the “No internet connection” error;

Besides fixing these bugs, our team also added many much-requested features to version 1.4.0, namely:

  • New configurations –set the playlist’s Timeout, Delay, and Locale;
  • Insert HTML code in the message of email playlists;
  • Execute slideshows under the HTTP/HTTPS protocols;
  • Use the following tokens on emails:
    • time;
    • day (number);
    • week (number);
    • month (number);
    • year;
    • short and long date formats;
  • Access a detailed view of your playlists execution history, including recurrence, recipients and delivery logs (successful and failed deliveries);
  • Duplicate a playlist;
  • Improved report/dashboard (UI/UX) treeview selection;

Click here to update now to PowerBI Robots 1.4.0!

If you’re still running into some issues after installing PowerBI Robots version 1.4.0 or would like to suggest more features for future releases, please email us at support@devscope.net.

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