How to send Power BI reports via email using Outlook

Power BI is an ever-evolving application, and since March this year, Pro users can share their reports and dashboards by sending them an email invitation.

How to send Power BI reports via email using Outlook
Power BI Pro users can now share their dashboards and reports with anyone by email

This was a huge step for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence service, although those who report to non-users know that they are not often looking for the full Power BI experience, but a quick glance at the numbers.

These users know the feeling of taking screenshots, attach them to an email and hit send a little too well, but sending emails with embedded Power BI reports can be as easy as inserting a picture thanks to an add-in called PowerBI Tiles Pro.

If you haven’t done it yet, click here to download the Desktop version of PowerBI Tiles Pro from the product’s website. The zip will contain three executable files, one for Word, another for PowerPoint and a third for Outlook. For our current purpose, run the Outlook file.

Open Outlook and click on New Email. Navigate to the PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop tab and click Login to connect your Power BI account to Outlook.

How to send Power BI reports via email using Outlook
Click New Email and navigate to the PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop tab

Click Add PowerBI to open a window displaying your Power BI workspaces. Navigate the list and check the ones you wish and click Add Items to add them to your email’s body.

How to send Power BI reports via email using Outlook
A window displaying your Power BI workspaces will pop up

Alternatively, if you wish to insert a report from on Power BI Online or hosted on another website, click Add from Url and paste it.

How to send Power BI reports via email using Outlook
If your report is hosted somewhere, simply paste its URL

If you wish to add your Power BI report to a reply or include it on a forwarded message, make sure you double click the email you wish to reply to, otherwise, the PowerBI Tiles Pro tab won’t be available.

And you’re done. It really is as simple as that. Using PowerBI Tiles Pro to send data via email is a very easy way to keep non-Power BI users up to date with the latest figures, but if you wish to take the process to the next and automate the email delivery, you should consider giving the more advanced PowerBI Robots a try.

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