PowerBI Robots version 2.1.1 is here with the features you requested

Client feedback is a crucial aspect of our development process, and we are always open to requests from those who use our products. Since its last big update, our product team received many requests to add features to PowerBI Robots that could address some problems felt by clients all over the world.

To those who contacted us with the hopes of seeing some of their issues addressed by PowerBI Robots, we are glad to announce that version 2.1.1 is now available for download.

Version 2.1.1 of PowerBI Robots includes the following new features:

  • Users can now choose to stop sending playlists whenever they encounter a timeout/error;
  • Images can now be embedded in emails instead of attached;
  • Improved PDF image quality – now exactly the same as when you export from Power BI;
  • New PDF size format available: US letter size;
  • Overall improved performance;

Click here to update to PowerBI Robots 2.1.1 now.

If you’re running into some issues after installing PowerBI Robots version 2.1.1 or would like to suggest more features for future releases, please email us at support@devscope.net. Your feedback is always welcome.

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