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Divide & conquer: how 3 teams joined forces to tell Logoplaste’s story

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When a project requires an extra deal of cooperation, well-defined roles are essential to make it easier to plan, design and implement.
The client:

Logoplaste is a leading global designer and manufacturer of value-added rigid plastic packaging solutions to a wide range of blue-chip clients. Founded in Portugal in 1976, Logoplaste invented the “wall to wall” business model, supplying packaging from plants installed directly in the clients’ site. The company currently manages 63 factories in 16 countries all over the world.

The problem:

During the past decade, Logoplaste has grown fast, covering many geographical areas, from the USA to Vietnam, Poland to South America. Their old flash website was outdated and didn’t mirror the company’s DNA, its attitude, massive expansion nor its ambition. Not willing to risk losing new business due to wrong perceptions caused by an outdated site, Logoplaste decided to reform it and build a brand new one.

Logoplaste team
Logoplaste is one big family from all over the world. The old website didn’t reflect that though.

The website went live in 2016. It was a massive improvement over the previous version but still had some issues and did not cover the company’s needs. Above all, it still didn’t reflect how Logoplaste wanted to be perceived by the public, its peers and potential clients on an international scale. After roughly a year and a half, the possibility of developing a new website was once more on the table. During an internal meeting, Hugo Ruivo, Logoplaste’s IT Service Manager, happened to mention DevScope.

The Solution:

Logoplaste came to us looking for an intranet portal, one of our main areas of expertise. Their next request though, came as a bit of a surprise: “Do you develop websites as well?”

While we certainly handle both front and backend web development, Logoplaste was also looking for web design and a communication strategy. Not willing to let the client down, we handed this task over to ALTA Digital (then, designsete), a creative agency based in Lisbon.

ALTA Digital is used to long-distance partnerships, but we usually work directly with the client. Daniela Oliveira, DevScope’s Project Manager, handled the project oversight and bridged communications between the three companies.

“It was, undoubtedly, a challenge participating in this project. An exciting and gratifying one! We soon understood Logoplaste’s vision and the path we would have to follow to reach our client’s goal. Despite being geographically separated, all three partners shared the same enthusiasm and commitment to making this project a success, therefore, the distance was never really a problem.”

– Daniela Oliveira, Project Manager, DevScope

During their analysis, ALTA Digital went over Logoplaste’s website objective, target audience, competition, and the industry’s best practices. Google Analytics helped paint a picture of what content was the most searched for and the most relevant. ALTA Digital quickly concluded that the website had a flaw: the site was practically invisible to search engines.

In order to establish what to create, ALTA Digital scheduled 20 Skype calls with Logoplaste top management spread across the globe to understand the challenges they were facing and grasping what needs the new website should address.

Logoplaste team
Logoplaste executives from all over the world chimed in on the new website’s purpose.

After this lengthy and challenging round of interviews, ALTA Digital had enough material to tell a compelling story and set three objectives for Logoplaste’s new website:

  • Communicate with decision makers;
  • Value Logoplaste’s approach to packaging development and production;
  • Show Logoplaste as a dynamic and energetic company, one with a rich history, culture, solid work, and values;

“Logoplaste had a lot of information they weren’t capitalizing on. They are an innovative company, with many patented technologies, but that was never communicated to the world.”

– Carina, Creative Partner, ALTA Digital

Logoplaste embraced ALTA Digital’s vision.

“Logoplaste’s positioning is different from our competition and that’s contributed to some of the new business we’ve won recently. We needed to tell our story not only because we have a great story to tell, but because we have our own language and exclusive market positioning.”

– Magda Merali, Internal Communications Coordinator, Logoplaste

With ALTA Digital handling the web design part, our team at DevScope had a few other challenges on their plate, namely:

  • Implementing ALTA Digital’s design;
  • Developing Logoplaste’s new back office;
  • Managing the project between the three companies;

ALTA Digital was kind enough to provide us with most of the site’s HTML, which made frontend development much faster. As for the backend, we were forced to start from scratch. Updating content required a fair bit of HTML knowledge, making it off-limits to the regular user.

To make updates as easy as possible, we implemented Umbraco, an open source content management system (CMS) platform we’re fond of and often resort to. Besides being super flexible and reliable, Umbraco has a small learning curve, meaning anyone can quickly get the hang of it without much trouble. We also made sure that everything was parameterizable so Logoplaste could adjust every single detail on their new website.

After delivering the first version of the site, Logoplaste tested it internally and, based on the feedback from its employees worldwide, they requested some changes to make it more user-friendly and allows for faster access to information. The process was akin to rearranging pieces in a puzzle, by restructuring some pages and information. The only newly introduced feature was a tabs module that allows users to absorb information much faster than in the previous version.

Instead of the usual implementation of familiar technologies, this challenge lay in handling a process between three parties. Roles were well defined, tasks were rightly distributed, and everything worked out perfectly.

Just like ALTA Digital, we too ended up developing a trust relationship with Logoplaste and are currently handling new projects for the company, such as the upcoming Human Resources portal. Logoplaste was also kind enough to send new clients our way, a testament to their satisfaction.


Logoplaste’s new website went live on January 31st, 2019.

“I must say I became apprehensive when DevScope hired ALTA Digital. I thought another player in the project would complicate matters but the truth is, I couldn’t be more pleased. Each company’s role was well defined. We are very pleased with ALTA Digital’s work and Carina Martins’ total availability. Daniela has the calm a Project Manager needs for this sort of endeavor. She pays attention to the client’s request, even when the client isn’t quite sure of what they are asking for. DevScope answered all our needs and always came up with solutions with a professional demeanor.”

– Magda Merali, Internal Communications Coordinator, Logoplaste

What we did:
  • Implemented the front-end design ALTA Digital developed for Logoplaste;
  • Gave Logoplaste’s a new dynamic, fully customizable and easy to use back office on Umbraco CMS;
  • Managed the project from start to finish between three companies;
Products and technologies used:

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