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What’s new in PowerBI Tiles Pro 3.2.4

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PowerBI Tiles Pro 3.2.4, the latest version of our popular Microsoft Office add-in, is now available for download. If you haven’t upgraded yet, click Check for updates in the PowerBI Tiles Pro tab in PowerPoint, Word or Outlook, or this link to download the latest version of the agent. Version 3.2.4 introduces some much-requested new features, only made possible by the latest changes to the Power BI API, namely:

  • Visual rendering – you can now select and add single visuals from your Power BI reports to PowerPoint, Outlook or Word documents. All filters are kept when rendering visuals;
  • New configurations:
    • Adjust the size and color of margins in your images;
    • Turn Auto Crop on and off for dashboards, dashboard tiles, report pages or visuals;
  • Reports and dashboards sorted by name;
  • The dashboard is now set to your screen size;
  • Cropped dashboards, reports or visuals are now refreshable;

These are much-welcomed and somewhat deep changes that we’re sure will help users better present and read data from their Power BI reports and dashboards.

If you’re not using PowerBI Tiles Pro yet to embed your reports and dashboards in PowerPoint, Word or Outlook, click this link to download and try it for free. Since it bridges the gap between Power BI and Microsoft Office, PowerBI Tiles Pro can be a vital tool for all professionals working with both, especially those who need to regularly present data from their reports and dashboards.

If you wish to update from a free to a full version of Tiles Pro, you can take advantage of our latest promotion and get it for 10% off using the following code at checkout:


Be quick because this promotion only lasts until August 2nd.

Trial vs full version: what’s the difference?

You can download a trial version of PowerBI Tiles Pro, and use it without any limitations, save for a red watermark in your reports. If you wish to update to the full version and remove this watermark, a 1-year license is available for only 99,99€. If you or your company wishes to purchase multiple licenses, the price per unit decreases considerably.

The PowerBI Tiles Online add-in can be downloaded for free from Microsoft’s AppSource. The trial version includes the following limitations:

  • MyWorkspace is limited to 5 dashboard and 5 reports visuals;
  • Visuals will have a watermark;
  • An advertising banner will be placed on the report selection screen;

A lifetime PowerBI Tiles Pro license also unlocks all features in PowerBI Tiles Online.

If you need any help using PowerBI Tiles Pro, please check the product’s 101 guide or contact us by email.

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