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Black Friday is here! Grab any of our products for 20% off

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It may not be the most magical time of the year, but it’s certainly one of the most expected! We know how our users love a good bargain so we’re starting Black Friday a day earlier with a great discount on our products: between November 28th and December 2nd grab PowerBI Tiles Pro, PowerBI Robots and PowerBI SmartPivot for 20% less by entering the following code at checkout:


If you haven’t tried any of our products yet, there’s plenty of time to download their free trial versions and give them a go before this Black Friday promotion ends. We’re sure you’ll find a lot of value in the time they’ll save you.

PowerBI Tiles Pro is the must-have Microsoft Office add-in that lets you embed real-time or high-resolution screenshots of Power BI reports and dashboards in PowerPoint presentations, Word documents, and Outlook emails.

PowerBI Robots, on the other hand, is aimed at business intelligence professionals who regularly must send reports and dashboards to people either in or outside their organization. PowerBI Robots allows you to schedule and automatically send data from your Power BI workspace by email, to a SharePoint library or file system, or generate a URL that streams your reports to any device connected to the internet.

If you’re an Excel professional looking for a way to handle PivotTables, PowerBI SmartPivot is the add-in you didn’t know you needed. It lets you connect Power BI or OLAP data cubes to Excel and navigate your data model with ease. It features a powerful search engine and a very useful filtering function that drastically reduces the time spent analyzing data models.

Give our products a try if you haven’t yet and don’t forget to use code BFRIDAY-20 before December 2nd to get them at a 20% discount.

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