PowerBI Robots 2.4.1

What’s new in PowerBI Robots 2.4.1

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PowerBI Robots 2.4.1 is here, just in time for the holidays.

The latest updates to the Power BI API opened a handful of possibilities and our team took no time to add them to everyone’s favorite automation report service.

Here’s what’s new in PowerBI Robots 2.4.1:

  • Bookmark support – add bookmarks from Power BI to your playlists;
  • Slicer support – add filters set by slicers to your playlists;
  • Dynamic fields in the recipients’ tab – associate any additional information to a recipient by adding new columns next to the name and email fields. These new fields will show up in the tokens’ list wherever tokens are available;
  • Visual duplication – visuals in a playlist can now be duplicated with a click;
  • Public API – gain access to the ability to activate and deactivate playlists;

To upgrade to PowerBI Robots 2.4.1, click here to download the latest version of the desktop agent. Alternatively, visit the web client and click the “Download PowerBI Robots Agent” banner.

In addition to this, we are introducing a few changes to the PowerBI Robots trial version. With the 2.4.1 upgrade, the free version of PowerBI Robots will support 5 playlists with up to 5 visuals each, and 5 recipients per playlist. To gain access to unlimited playlists, visuals, and recipients for their reports, as well as removing the red watermark, users need to upgrade to a yearly license of PowerBI Robots.

If you need to upgrade or renew your PowerBI Robots license, we have a present for you: use code XMAS20 before January 1st, 2020 and get a 20% discount.

Happy holidays!

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  1. Hello,
    Does the new version fix the bug that only one image can be emailed (only the tab that was active when .pbx was last saved) for users on PBI Report Server?

    1. Hi, Christophe.

      Sadly, that’s not a bug our team can fix, but a Power BI Report Server limitation at the present.

      Best regards,
      The DevScope support team.

    1. Hi, Guust.

      Bokmarks support will be included in the next release of PowerBI Tiles.

      Best regards and happy 2020!

      The DevScope support team

  2. How do we get access to the Playlist API?

    Are there any plans to be able to use AAD security group members to populate the email recipients section or some other way to plug in for Azure AD instead of having to manually enter or upload? That would be great since that is how we manage access to the reports themselves.

    1. Hi, Wade

      Turning playlists on and off is the only function currently supported by the PowerBI Robots API. We have playlist editing on our road map (add/remove recipients and reports), but we don’t have a release date yet. We currently don’t have plans to support AAD security groups. The aforementioned playlist editing will allow you to fetch emails from an AAD group, but you’ll have to do it manually.

      Thank you

      1. Thanks! This is great to hear that it is on the roadmap!

        I meant to ask, is there a link yet to the public API for the on/off feature. I wasn’t able to find it on the PBI Robots portal.

        Thanks again

  3. Hi!
    Can I redirect other page from SQL Report Server Url? I can see only first report page. So I send e-mail first page of report.

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