Microsoft MVPs 2020

Congratulations to our 2020 Microsoft MVPs!

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Microsoft just announced this year’s MVP awards, and we are proud to have two of them among DevScope’s ranks! Our Head of Integration Sandro Pereira achieved MVP status for a staggering 10th year in a row while Rui Romano, our Head of BI, renewed his Data Platform MVP for the 4th time.

DevScope is no strange to the Microsoft MVP Award. It honors technology experts who show a deep commitment to particular areas of Microsoft technological innovation and make exceptional contributions to its communities by providing expert feedback, organizing or participating in events, or creating content. This award reflects their tremendous dedication and community spirit.

Sandro Pereira’s dedication is unparalleled. In his blog, you’ll find several tips dedicated to the world of Azure and Biztalk, as well as many posts documenting the many events where Sandro is a speaker. Just earlier this week, Sandro was a guest peak at the Auckland Connected Systems User Group, in New Zealand, a session that started at 6h30 a.m. in his time-zone, a serious display of dedication to the community. You can find the session on YouTube.

In turn, Rui Romano is one of the founders of the Power BI Portugal community, and a frequent speaker at their regular meetups, and data analytics events all over the world. His blog is also active and should be followed by anyone working with Microsoft’s Power Platform. You can learn more about Microsoft MVP by checking the program’s page.

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