How to embed Power BI in a Word document

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Reporting needs come in many forms, and one of the more frequent ways to deliver a report is through Word. Professionals who analyze data on Power BI and write accompanying reports on Microsoft Word are probably familiar with the need to manually take screenshots of their Power BI reports, crop them, and carefully pasting them in a document. All while crossing their fingers so that the new picture doesn’t ruin everything when pasted.

Luckily, there’s a solution that adds Power BI to Word and makes the process as easy as inserting a picture in your documents. PowerBI Tiles Pro is an Office 365 add-in that lets users navigate their Power BI workspaces from PowerPoint, Outlook or Word, and insert high-resolution screenshots of their Power BI reports, dashboards, or single visuals into their presentations, emails or documents.

You can try it for free by clicking here and downloading the Desktop trial version of PowerBI Tiles Pro from the product’s website.

Embed Power BI in a Word document

After downloading the zip file containing PowerBI Tiles Pro, extract the three executable files. Run the Word file and save the PowerPoint and Outlook files for later.

Open a Word document and navigate to the PowerBI Tiles Pro Desktop tab. Click Login to connect your Power BI account to Word.

Embed Power BI in a Word document
The PowerBI Tiles Pro tab in Word

Click Add PowerBI to open a window displaying your Power BI workspaces. Navigate the list and check the ones you wish and click Add Items to add them to your document.

Embed Power BI in a Word document
Navigating your Power BI workspaces in Word

Alternatively, if you wish to insert a report from Power BI Online or hosted on another website, click Add from Url and paste that report’s URL.

Embed Power BI in a Word document
Adding a Power BI report from a URL

And you’re done. PowerBI Tiles Pro also allows you to embed Power BI visuals in other Office 365 applications, namely PowerPoint and Outlook. To do so, run the other executable files, and take the steps in this guide in those applications.

PowerBI Tiles Pro trial vs full version: what’s the difference?

You can use PowerBI Tiles Pro’s trial version without any limitations, save for a red watermark in your reports. If you wish to update to the full version of PowerBI Tiles Pro and remove this watermark, a 1-year license is available for only 99,99€. If you or your company wish to purchase multiple licenses, the price per unit decreases considerably.

You can download the PowerBI Tiles Online add-in for free from Microsoft’s AppSource. The trial version includes the following limitations:

  • MyWorkspace is limited to 5 dashboard and 5 reports visuals;
  • Visuals will have a watermark;
  • An advertising banner will be placed on the report selection screen;

A lifetime PowerBI Tiles Pro license also unlocks all features in PowerBI Tiles Online.

If you need any help using PowerBI Tiles Pro, please check the product’s 101 guide or contact us by email.

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