Logoplaste's HQ in Cascais

Divide & conquer: how 3 teams joined forces to tell Logoplaste’s story

For the last decade, Logoplaste’s reach became global, but their old flash website didn’t mirror the massive change the company experienced. Not willing to risk losing new business due to a wrong perception caused by an outdated website, Logoplaste decided to reform it and build a brand new one. DevScope teamed up with ALTA Digital to deliver it.

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Contidis gets the data it needs to open a superstore chain in Angola.

Contidis is an investment group building the Candando superstore chain in Angola. Far from pleased with the setbacks caused by their BI model, they asked us to design a Power BI solution that could handle their data needs. This is the story of how our Power BI team overcame several obstacles and gave Contidis access to all the data it needs to launch a multi-million-dollar business.

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